Last summer I started developing child themes for Divi and selling them on Elegant Marketplace.  After taking Divi Academy’s child theme course by Michelle Nunan of Divi Soup, I was hooked! Being more of a technical person (with a secret desire to be a designer) I rely heavily on my library of amazing graphics. Most of my graphics come from Design Cuts and my collection happily keeps growing!   New bundles are released every couple of weeks and all of them are hard to pass up.  The prices are crazy good, affordable, and you get your money’s worth!

Scroll down to see the full size animation.

When the latest bundle came out, “The Totally Diverse Vectors Collection”, I saw so many opportunities to use it with my latest obsession; working with animation. After one CSS Animation course by Donovan Hutchison of I knew I had to find ways to make things move.

This is the perfect bundle to use and keep pushing myself to see what is possible.  This collection is so full of potential that it was tough to choose which to try first.  I finally decided to go with Alex Green Art and his “Aquarium Fishes Watercolor” collection.  They are so detailed and life-like that it wasn’t hard imaging them swimming across my computer screen! The images come in .AI, .EPS, .PNG and .JPG formats so I had options of which direction to take it.

Initially I thought I’d use the SVG format but decided to see what I could do with the .PNG files first.  Although SVG allows a lot more creativity in animating portions, I was curious to see how far I could push it using .PNGs.  I am delighted with the results!

Learning new skills can be exciting at times and challenging at others.  This project was scaled way back from what I had envisioned because I started out adding in too many components that were new to me, Using SVGs and rems to name a few!  As in the past, I want to write a step by step on how to achieve this animation. However with this particular project, it will be best to break it down in smaller chunks.  That was a very valuable lesson I learned with the help of Kim Doyal of The WordPress Chick!  I have it on my list to blog more on this later.

This project has given me so many ideas of things to try with this Design Cuts bundle.   I keep practicing and improving my design skills and in the meantime I really am grateful that Design Cuts’ has these incredible offers.  Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.


The animation above was my first attempt at using assets from Design Cuts.  It’s from “The Comprehensive Paper Craft Collection“.
Check out my blog and see how it was done.